Make it special again

We just got back from our vacation to Disney World. It was my graduation/18th birthday trip. Now you have to understand that we’ve taken at least one trip to Disney World, Disneyland, or taken a Disney cruise every year since around ’03 or ’04. Sometimes we take two a year. So when we figured out we were going to Disney World again I was excited, just not that excited. Until the option of my best friend going became available.

My best friend has never been to anything like Disney World before and the only roller coaster she’d ridden was an old wooden one on a boardwalk one time. Which of course has no comparison.

My family and I were so excited to show her around the four parks, two water parks, and DisneyQuest. For about six months we’ve been talking about that trip. Finally, it came.

The first park we went to was Animal Kingdom. Not too many rides(except for Mt. Everest which I got her to ride twice), but she wanted to build up to the big roller coasters. We went to all the rides, did the shows, showed her all the cool spots, and everything. That’s when I realized how cool it was to see it like it was your first time. Of course I was pointing out all of the hidden things you find out by Googling or in books and articles online, but she kept pointing out all of the obvious things that (and I hate saying this) had kind of become normal to me. 

I didn’t realize we’d been so many times it was just like going to a regular amusement park. It started becoming a whole new experience again as she pointed out the things that I saw, but didn’t really pay attention to. It was so neat to actually stand in line with someone rather than getting a Fastpass and coming back later (cause my parents don’t like waiting in lines for stuff we’ve already done). I mean we did get Fastpasses for lines that were two hours long, but we waited 30-45 minutes on some things which I haven’t done since the first and second times we’ve gone.

It was also neat seeing her different perspectives on things. For example the shows, the rides, the characters(she didn’t even know what to do with them where as I go right up and start conversations with them xD), and just everything in general. Seeing the Tree of Life for the first time, the Epcot ball, Mickey’s Sorcerer’s hat, and Cinderella’s castle. It really made me stop and think every time she pointed something obvious out.

What was even cooler was when we made it to Typhoon Lagoon. That’s one of the water parks; the one I hadn’t been to yet. She was really excited that both of us had something new to do.

We also did some other things we did that my parents wouldn’t do besides standing in lines. We had really bad rain while we were there. We took our ponchos most days, but after going to the water park we might have forgotten to put them back in our backpacks… Heh. So the next day at magic kingdom it started to rain pretty bad. We ducked inside and rode the Pirates ride but after that we had Fastpasses for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, which was probably her favorite ride. Well we started over in the rain, running from cover to cover to make it half way across the park to Frontierland. By the time we got there we were soaked and honestly didn’t care at that point. So we rode it in the rain, in the dark. That was the best ride we did.

But the best thing we did overall was go to all four parks, both water parks, and DisneyQuest in one day. With as many times as my family has been there, we’ve never done it and I finally had someone to do it with. We started off at a rope drop in Epcot, wearing our bathing suits, and then went to both of the water parks. After that we went back to our resort, changed, and then headed to the other parks. We worked our way through Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, and last Magic Kingdom. Of course that was the day the tropical storm started to hit us and we got soaked all over again at Hollywood Studios and Magic Kingdom, but we did it! After finishing the parks we went back to the resort to dry off again before heading to DisneyQuest. In all, we rode a ride in each park, water park, and spent about an hour and a half at DisneyQuest.

So next time you go somewhere special that doesn’t seem special to you anymore, try to see it from that new person’s point of view. Get scared when something pops out at you. Put your hands up and scream like you’re going to die on a ride. And most of all, make it special again.