So I’ve always thought about doing a writing blog. That way I would have somewhere to dump my ideas and talk about my characters and post drabbles and things like that. I’m thinking I may do that with this. It wouldn’t be 100% of the time. Just a few posts here and there when I’m bored, frustrated, or happy about an idea or character. This is one of those times. I’m getting all of my notes and critiques together to start editing my novel Puzzle Pieces for the OYAN Summer Workshop next month. (Yes, I only left a month for editing an entire book at least once. I’m not very good with time management.) I’ve get in general critiques from four or five people and in depth critiques from one or two. That’s a lot more than usual. Normally, I don’t want anyone to read my stuff if it’s in rough draft form. (If you write, then you understand.) But when I read the general critiques when I got them back, they weren’t as bad as I was expecting. They said things like more emotion (which is one of my common first draft issues), more character development on certain people, and to fix a few holes in the plot. That’s pretty good for a book written during NaNoWriMo. So maybe it is true. Maybe I’m finally getting better at this writing thing. I’ve written over 215,000 words so far and that’s just with the numbers off the top of my head, not everything I’ve written. So hopefully with the second draft of this book some of those issues will be fixed. (More will probably come from editing, but let’s not focus on those.) Wish me luck with this race against the clock. ~M+W=L


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